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Getting The Message Across...


In a small event (up to about 150 attendees) all responsibility falls on the event organiser. If your budget won’t stretch to a fully qualified AV technician, you still need effective communication technology.


The Event Sets The Standard...


Whether you’re running a dance class, seminar, fete, conference or wedding reception - you MUST communicate. This is crunch time - get it wrong and your reputation is shattered. When professional AV is not viable, your communication technology must be:

  • crystal clear - so your audience can clearly see and hear what you want to portray.
  • reliable - it must work first time every time.
  • easy to use - you want to concentrate on your audience, not your equipment, so should be simple and quick to set-up and no hassle to use.
  • cost-effective - everything should be in one simple package.
  • adaptable - it should be easily usable indoors, outdoors, or in a hurry, with no fuss!

Crystal Clear Audio...


Our small event audio equipment is designed to give you crystal clear sound reproduction using the latest digital sound processing techniques. But don’t concern yourself about how it works, it just does - and there are no complex controls to manipulate either; just simple, straight-forward, good-quality sound reproduction. 


More Than A Microphone...


So you want to play some music - no problem! What would you like sir?

  • Cassette
  • Compact Disc (CD)
  • MP3
  • USB or SD Memory Device
  • DVD

Our small event audio systems can have any of these built-in as an option depending on your requirements. They will automatically drop the sound level when you speak into a microphone and add reverb to your voice for more impact.


Rugged Little Boxes...


Yes, we did say ‘built-in’! That includes wireless receivers for up to 2 radio microphones and a battery that will operate the unit for up to FOUR hours without mains power. Some models even have a special device that enables you to alter the tempo of the music - great for dance and exercise classes.


All the functions are built into a solid, robust, portable speaker case. So no messing around with cables guessing which plugs should be fitted where.


CHAmp Range


These offer a practical feature-packed unit for for larger audiences.


To see the full range of features and options available, follow this link and decide which options suit you.


TRAmp Range

Powerful little units for smaller groups, but still packed with features.


To see the full range of features and options available, follow this link and check out which features you like.


Radio Microphones


Single or Dual VHF/UHF radio mic units for working with your existing audio mixer and amplification equipment.


Try Before You Buy


If you have an event in the West Midlands, you can hire our rental unit for a day. If you like it and later buy your own through us, we will refund the rental fee when you purchase.