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Visual images make for great impact. They are THE main method with which we communicate, whether through words on a page or photographs, TV or video, art or fashion  and endless other methods. Promotion of all products, ideas and services are communicated best if done so visually.


In today's rapidly moving world, as we move to multi-channel, HD TV, it is all the more important to use attention-grabbing images to put across your message.


At Inovaplus, we can provide you with the technology to produce stunning moving images for any application. We can provide screens from 1 metre wide to 30 metres wide. Our projection systems are scalable from the small classroom or your living room to the largest stage available using video-array edge-blending systems. We can deliver solutions for use in darkened rooms or brilliant sunlight, wherever you need it.


Check out our range of projector and screen options to find which matches your needs.




Made by one of the world's largest manufacturers of these products, and are reliable and fully featured.


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Front Projection Screens


We supply  traditional white projection screens for fixed installations or portable use. New materials are now available to create better projected images than ever.


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Rear Projection Screens


Versatile rear projection materials in flexible as well as rigid formats that create new possibilities for displaying images. Put 'pizzazz!' back into your presentations, make stage sets more exciting and exhibitions more exhilarating.


When these products are linked with interactive foil technology, a shop window becomes a place for customers to interact with your business.